Florida Vacation, Houses, Construction

Yes, it’s been a really, really long time since I have last written here.  I know how it is, it’s just been busy, and I keep thinking I don’t have a lot to say.  Obviously I didn’t have a lot to say for a year. Pretty crazy!  It’s been pretty nutty – but at least I haven’t done a bunch of trips in the past year. I’ve been mostly staying at home and just saving up money and the such like as I wanted to get a bigger place than the apartment I was in.  I was tired of the walk up for the laundry, it just got to be a bit of a pain carrying laundry down four flights of stairs from the third floor to the basement.  I even took a spill down there with the laundry so that was a sore trip down.  Whoops!

Even though we were determined to save as much as we could for a bigger place, we went on a week long vacation back in January to Florida.  Steve’s dad, Ken, had a house in Florida and he also got us plane tickets for Christmas, so we could fly down and back for cheap.  We didn’t really spend anything, except for a car rental and groceries and dinners out.  We got to the house after a really, really, really delayed flight (we had to change plans in Chicago and we ended up with a plane that was late, and missed our connection, so we ended up waiting for hours in the night before another flight was available to take us to Florida – it was available at like 7am in the next morning. God knows we were sleepy when we arrived to Ken’s house!) and Ken got us to try the oranges from the orange tree he had growing in his backyard.  Those oranges were good – we ate quite a few of them while down there.  Steve’s dad’s neighbour surprised us by giving us free tickets to go to Epcot Centre in Florida.  Steve has never gone to Walt Disney World as a kid and wanted to check it out – I have been to Walt Disney, Epcot and all those fun stuff when I was a kid.  I came down twice growing up with my family so to go to the amusement parks and the beaches.  So I always enjoyed that – and I came down again with my ex-husband’s family but it was more for the beaches and rest, no amusement parks.  So it was funny checking it out again – Epcot Centre that is.  We went down for a day and luckily, we got pouring rain really bad while down there.  It was ridiculous, but it came for a good while, and we hid out with a bunch of people in stores until it let up, then continued on.  It was a bad day for rain but that’s okay.  We still got to see and go on a lot of rides in Epcot Centre anyway. LOL!  We also went to a few large flea markets so that was funny to check out.  It was a good time down there, relaxing and a lot of checking out of Florida.  We went to Vero Beach on one side of Florida.  Ken lived in the centre of Florida so we could choose what beaches we wanted to go to and drive down.  We went to the Florida Aquarium as well so that was fun.  Steve did a bit of helping his dad out on renovating the house he had down there so that was interesting.

My brother had his second baby, Rylan back in March.  She was born on my grandmother’s birthday so that was a little weird.  She was born with a bunch of problems as she was a premature baby, and everyone thought she would end up with the same heart condition as my brother and I did.  She was put on meds for a bit but I think she’s not on them anymore.  She seems to be doing better and all that. I’ve only seen her once, oops!  It’s been pretty crazy the past year.

My brother and his family got a new house so they had us all over one day after they moved in, and that’s when I got to see Rylan for the first time.  It was interesting, as they moved in the house around the same time Steve and I had found a house that he would have been happy with, so it was pretty crazy for us all.  My brother got a house that was quite nice, but had some problems with, so they are renovating it slowly.  I moved in a house that was pretty much stripped so we had to add new stuff to make it livable.  New flooring, paint, window replacements, and so on.  It’s slowly getting back in shape.  We looked around at a few houses – which were mostly scary looking, old, or just really tiny, before we found this house.  We got the house in May, and then moved in the end of June if I remember right.  When we got the house, I was worried that we’d have to move in the house in the shape it was in.  The ceiling was falling down in the kitchen/dining room, there were no flooring, the kitchen was falling apart and pretty greasy, and the bathroom was very, very gross. *L*  It was mostly just cleaning that needed to be done and stuff but it was so icky.  I really didn’t want to get the house to start with but Steve was so in love with it, so I had to let him get it and he promised me that the renovations would be mostly done by the time we moved in.  It really wasn’t, but a lot got done.  I’ve lived in the house for, um, two months now?  And it’s still not done.  Not surprising. *laughs*  We still have to finish the tile flooring in the kitchen (pretty crazy, I keep hurting my feet on the tiles as it’s higher than the rest of the flooring in the house. *L*)  The bathroom needs to be done painting, along with the kitchen.  The guys keep finding different stuff to work on so I have to leave the side of the kitchen alone until they are done renovating and working.  Craziness.  The windows still need to be installed in the basement – Ken says he still needs to buy windows for the back basement, along with the big front window in the living room.  Otherwise, it’s good for the winter. Hopefully!  It’s getting in better shape as it goes along.  All I could remember was walking in the kitchen and seeing that huge hole in the ceiling.  It was like the ceiling was going to come down on us anytime!  Yikes!  They had replaced the roof, but not the rest of the ceilings in the house.  The person previously was a hoarder and left the house a disaster, so when he died it had to all be cleared out and moved out and cleaned up.  The cleaning I had to do a lot of. Ewww!!!  It was gross in parts of the house, but it’s slowly getting better, and looking cleaner.  But at least I can go normally and live normally here now.  Things are going slower now, so it’s all good.  I have a kitchen that works, and a bathroom that works as well, so it’s going along all right.

It’s funny, because the house is heated by gas, and there was a tap of some kind on the side of the house, and we realized that it was a gas tap sort of thing, and Steve thought we should get a gas BBQ that we could just hook up to the side of the house when we needed it to use it.  It seems to work well, so let’s see how it works out for the gas bill. LOL!  It’s different, for sure.

While we were working on moving out of the apartment and in the new house, Steve found sales on a couple of kayaks and said he really wanted to get them.  We both really enjoyed using kayaks when we camped in

Steve actually turned 40 the past August – I had fun teasing him about his age.  He’s quite getting there in age, that’s for sure!  He seems all good with it so far. Heh…just funny though.  We went to Buell St. Bistro for his dinner out for his birthday.  The food is always really good there.

Steve found out through work that there was going to be an ASL interpreted performance in the Gananoque Playhouse, and I was like, I’m surprised about that. I had no idea that they did stuff like that, so Steve got tickets so to check it out.  It was for a play “Tuesday’s with Morrie,” It turned out to be a pretty good play, which was surprising, I wasn’t sure if it would be after reading the synopsis, but it was.  The interpreters I remembered from when I was in college, plus when I visited Canadian Hearing Society, so it was kind of funny seeing them again.  It was good to go and see, hopefully they’d have another interpreted performance.  It was quite good.

I guess I don’t really have much to say.  There has been a lot that has happened in the past year that it’s hard to just remember what the heck has happened. I need to post more often but it’s just been crazy busy here lately so it’s been hard to remember to do that.

Another Year Older

It’s been a quiet past little while. I’m now 35 years old – yikes! Time seems to fly by these days. Thanksgiving weekend was pretty good – I got to hang out with my family on Thanksgiving Sunday so it was good. I hadn’t seen my brother and his wife and son in a long while, so it was good seeing them. We caught up, talked about what my brother and Kelly were going to do, as they are having their second child. Steve had been talking about maybe relocating to Ottawa if I could find a job there and he’d drive back and forth to Brockville for work. And as I was talking to my brother he’s going to do the same, only relocating to Smiths Falls/Ottawa area. So that Kelly can be closer to her family and have them help her with Zaiden and their unborn baby. It should be interesting. It was good catching up with my brother and my mom.

My birthday came along, and now I’m 35 – the years seem to fly by for sure! Steve had to work on my birthday so we went out to dinner on the next day, on the 16th. I had to look up online and see what restaurants I wanted to try in Brockville, for my late birthday dinner. I decided on going to Buell St. Bistro in downtown Brockville and it was a pretty good place to eat at. My birthday itself was a quiet day. Heh. Steve had to work all day and night so it was pretty quiet for me, so I just relaxed all day so it was not too bad at all. I had gotten Steve’s older cell phone, the iPhone 5S, while he had bought himself the new iPhone 6 and passed me on his older phone, (I had the iPhone 4S previously) and said it was my birthday gift. Sheesh! Heh. I got a card and a jumbo pack of Toblerone the day of anyway, and just mellowed out. I got some chocolates from my brother’s family and some clothes from my mom over Thanksgiving weekend, so it was pretty good.

It’s funny because I had sorted all my bigger sized clothes to give away, and gave them away, and just the other day I found another big bag of bigger sized clothes in the apartment. Ugh! I can’t believe I still had so many! I gave away two large garbage bags of bigger sized clothes, and now I have to give away one more big garbage bag! Wow…I can’t believe I had that many clothes. Right now I basically have very few clothes for myself. Heh…Figures! Sigh…oh well.

I’m now officially divorced! Yay! I was waiting till October 18th to officially be divorced, and now I am, so it’s a nice relief. Hehe…now that part of my life is over with, so it’s nice.

I went in to see my doctor and I was asking her about getting my tubes tied – I know I don’t want to have kids, and I don’t want to risk it. It’s just that I’ve always feared having kids – childbirth and all that wasn’t something I wanted to experience and to risk it, isn’t really worth it. I’ve already died once so I rather not try for that again. Heh, and yikes, for sure! So I talked to the doctor about it, and they would talk to someone at the hospital and book an appointment for me to talk to someone there about having the procedure done.

So it’s all wait and see, I guess! Fun.

Road Trip 2014, Camping, and Divorce

It’s been a busy little while for me. The summer was generally pretty quiet – as I had been busy saving up money to get a house and the such like.  I went exploring caves back in June 2014 and that was really scary for me to try but it was really, really cool to check out.  The hike to the caves was really, really long, but then the caves part, going in and exploring was a bit scary.  For one thing, I cannot hear, and the caves are very dark so you really, really needed a bright light to explore it. *laughs*  It was really cool though.  Once you got your nerves out of the way, exploring it was pretty cool, just seeing what it all looked like.  It was wet in some areas, and full of water in others, but other parts were pretty dry but dark.  I was nervous a lot of the hike through the caves. *laughs*  I really needed Steve to help me out with the balance part because with me lacking my hearing and then my vision in some parts of the cave I really needed to hold on to someone to go along the caves.  It was crazy!  Haha… you can see the video here on Lusk Caves:

Lusk Cave from Steve Savage on Vimeo.

The tiredness that I had most of the beginning of 2014, I still have it. I can’t figure it out, honestly. It’s just hanging around like an annoying gnat. :/ When I exercise it helps, but the funny thing is a while back I injured my wrist doing burpees, and I haven’t been able to exercise for a while. My wrist had been driving me crazy, and I just figured out what it was – it was just a pinched nerve in my neck that was affecting my wrist. Steve is not much on massaging or anything like that, so I wasn’t able to figure it out until my mom tried massaging my neck when I visited her recently. It turned out to be a pinched nerve – it actually went away for 24 hours pretty much. It’s back again but Steve is unable to do it just right.  He’s not really much of a masseuse. Heh.  He keeps telling me I need to go to the doctor to get help for it. But I don’t think getting massage therapy is covered by the health card anymore, so it’d be ridiculous.  I can’t afford to pay for massage therapy. Yikes!

Anyway, in the end of August, Steve and I were on vacation, and we decided to go camping and then to go out east. We weren’t planning on going out east until the last minute, but since we were taking our time in saving for houses, and stuff like that, Steve decided we should go before we actually had a house, as it would suck up all our savings once we had a house. So when Steve had his vacation banked, we went camping at Sharbot Lake for three or so days, and after that, we headed out east. It was crazy, but was pretty cool. We only planned to drive out to Nova Scotia, go around the Cabot Trail, then go to P.E.I. to check out Green Gables, and then drive back home. Easy trip, pretty much.

Camping was pretty good, it was pretty quiet and relaxing, as Steve was pretty exhausted from all the craziness from work so we just relaxed, swam, and the such like. We were talking about how we both had never gone kayaking before, and why didn’t we try it this time? So instead of a canoe, we rented two kayaks for both of us, and tried it. You really need to be able to keep your balance in it when you weren’t moving. *laughs* But once you went, you really, really went! It was very smooth and fast so it was a lot of fun. We both got really wet but it was pretty cool just checking the kayaks out. We reached one place in the lake – Black Lake – where it was covered with ivys and I even got to pick out some flowers. It was really pretty that’s for sure, but it sure got you all tangled up in it. We both really enjoyed it so we’d likely rent kayaks again or get our own later on. We did some night photography – one night there was a view of the Milky Way so clear it was pretty cool. It was a relaxing three days of camping.

When we came back from camping we unpacked, and packed up again, slept at home once, and then left the next morning. The first day out we drove through Quebec, which was pretty bad – full of crazy traffic and construction, and reached Grand Falls, New Brunswick that night. The second day we drove through the rest of New Brunswick and reached Nova Scotia, stopped at the border and took pictures with the Nova Scotia sign. (We stopped pretty much anywhere that looked cool and took pictures.) We ended up at a town called Whycocomagh – such a funny name – on Cape Breton Island. We had planned on stopping at Baddeck, NS, as that’s where the Cape Breton trail started, but Steve was tired of all the driving so we stopped just before that.

The third day we reached the Cabot Trail and then started driving through it, so we got to explore, which was nice. It was a pretty cloudy and gloomy morning but the rain held off so it was pretty good. There were a lot of ponds, swamps and forests all around us. We encountered some strange spots along the Trail, a old church, and so on, and there were a lot of small shops all around us so we got to see nature, and got to stop at different places to pick up some souvenirs of the trip there. We actually got to check out the Atlantic Ocean coasts, which was beautiful. It was quite rocky, that I wasn’t expecting, but it was still beautiful. Steve kept having me go down to the coasts whereever we pulled over at. And it was unbelievable how high the roads were from the coasts. It drove me crazy! Heh…there was way too much climbing to do and too much stepping down to do. I was so afraid I’d fall right down and break my neck…it was nuts! Both Steve and I are not the biggest fans of heights but he kept taking me down. I have no idea why – but at the same time I did, he just wanted to film all the untouched land. It was his thing. Sigh…but the entire coast of the Atlantic Ocean was beautiful, we even reached a spot where all the rocks were red and that was pretty cool. You can see the video of the Eastern Cape Breton Island:

Eastern Cape Breton Island from Steve Savage on Vimeo.

We reached the tip (or the middle of) the Cabot Trail, and we had been talking about going whale watching before, both of us have never done that, but were interested in checking that out, so we booked a time in the evening to go whale watching with Oshan Whale Watch in Bay St. Lawrence. The sailor had told us that the time we had booked for, they didn’t usually get that many whales then. If it was morning or noon, they’d get a lot more variety, but the late afternoon/evenings tend to have a lot less variety of whales.

We were all, oh, that’s too bad. But we still set off with our group. We actually did to get to see one kind of whale – pilot whales. That was pretty cool actually. They were swimming all around us as the sailor used the whale calling whistle or whatever it was, so they were swimming all around so everyone was taking pictures. When you haven’t seen whales live it’s still really cool to see them all around you. They are massive – yes, they are smaller whales generally, but they were still pretty big. It was really cool. We also steered to Turtlehead Rock, where there are usually seals and otters hanging out at. I didn’t see many, just some seal heads popping out of the water and back in. That animal was hard to find.  We also went to another area where there was a small waterfall at, and on top of a massive rock it was covered with birds – Great Cormorants, I believe. It was cool, they all were just sunbathing in the sun. Heh…the whale watching ride took us around 2 hours, so it was nice just checking out everything. It was just beautiful out there.  You can see the video on the whale watching here:

To See Whales… from Steve Savage on Vimeo.

The fourth day we continued on through the Cabot Trail. We kept stopping at coasts and taking pictures, so it was funny. Some of them you really could explore the coasts forever, so it was cool. Really pretty and all that, so it was nice. The water was a touch cool, but not too bad.  There was a lot of scenery to check out so it was nice. There was one spot while driving through the Trails, where you could see the road go on forever and ever along the water. That spot had that red chair there so you could just sit there and enjoy your view. It was just funny that there was a chair specially for that.  Heh.  You can see another video on the Western Cape Breton Island here:

Western Cape Breton Island from Steve Savage on Vimeo.

We drove through and decided to stop at a beach as I had wanted to relax at a beach somewhere along the ocean for a little bit and sunbathe. We found a small sandy beach so we just relaxed there for a hour or so, and then we headed out to catch the ferry to P.E.I., and got on it and then just headed out to Wood Islands, P.E.I. We had our dinner in the ferry and took some pictures and video, and then we took in a motel for the night in P.E.I.

The fifth day we drove through P.E.I. to get to the Anne of Green Gables area. When I was a girl, I used to read the whole saga of the Anne of Green Gables books with my friend Veronica, and those books were based on the P.E.I. locale, so I really did want to see what the inspiration was all about.  One funny thing about P.E.I. was that it was full of very colourful boats and boathouses so it was cool to see. It was a real country type of place to be in, I hadn’t realized that.  The last time Steve went to P.E.I. with his ex-wife, they went to the tourist part of P.E.I. for Anne of Green Gables, where it was like a big park and a fair sort of thing; and he didn’t really enjoy himself. I really didn’t want to go to that, I wanted to go to the inspiration part, where the books were actually based on.  So we went to the Anne of Green Gables Museum, and that was pretty cool just checking it out. It’s funny after we started touring the museum, a black cat came running to us to be petted. I thought it was really weird to find a cat running in a museum. *laughs* Steve got all excited and wanted to pet the kitty. It was pretty funny.  The house was the place the author was using as her inspiration for the book. It was covered with her books, mementos and the such like so it was cool. We also checked out the yard, and even through the nature walk in the side of the house. It was very short but still nice just walking through it. Heh…funny. Before we got there we had driven past Lucy Maud Montgomery’s birthplace, and I was like, ooh, I would visit that too! So we went to the Gables first, and then when I was done there, we headed to the birthplace to check out. It was another museum of where the author was born at and where she lived in. I ended up buying the whole Anne of Green Gables book set, so I can read it all over again and go back to being a girl again.  I used to borrow Veronica’s set as her family was big on the author’s stories, so I never had my own set. It was just handy to have then.  Here’s a video of P.E.I. here:

Prince Edward Island from Steve Savage on Vimeo.

It was cool checking it all out.  When that was all over, Steve and I headed out in search of a lighthouse to look at. We both wanted to check out lighthouses while we were out east, so we found one close to the museums, the Tryon Lighthouse. We got there, and saw that we had to walk some distance to the Tryon Lighthouse. We parked next to the trail, and we walked through a trail along fields and stuff like that, and reached the lighthouse. It was really, really pretty there. The paint on the lighthouse was pretty stripped from all the sea salt around it, but it was still cool to see. It was on top of a huge cliff to the ocean. One thing about the cliffs, they freak me out if I look over it… it’s so steep and scary. But it was also really pretty though. We then finished up checking out P.E.I., and then before we got on the bridge we stopped at a shore by the ocean, where there were all red rocks and sand, so we were just exploring the area and stretching out before we started driving again.  Heh…It was quite nice there, the water was great, and it was warm and really pretty there. After we finished taking pictures and film, we got back in the car and headed out on the bridge to New Brunswick and just stopped at a hotel somewhere in New Brunswick. We ended up at a hotel where they had a German restaurant inside the hotel, so we stopped over there for the night and went to dinner at the hotel. It was late by the time we got there, and oh, my God, how good was that!  Very tasty! The menu had small and large portion servings, so Steve decided to get the small portion serving of everything in the menu. He ended up with a massive plate of food. *laughs* It was crazy, it made me wonder what the large portion was like?! Haha…the food was amazing though.  We crashed that night, and just headed out driving again the next day. We got back home on our sixth day. We didn’t stay overly long, but because I had never been out east I wanted to at least see what it was all like.  So six days was good…I can always return if I want to. I know if I returned I would like to explore P.E.I. more, it was really, really pretty there.

When we finished our vacation we were very tired…heh! Steve returned to work after a few days of rest.

Oh yes, it’s funny – my mom told me earlier in the spring/summer that my ex called my mom to let her know that he was putting the divorce through (finally!) and that it would possibly be done by the end of the summer. So we had to wait for three months or so for it to be processed by the courts, and I just got the paper in the mail saying that the divorce order has been put through and I will officially be divorced as of October 18th! I’m so glad about that, it’s like a late birthday present for me!  Hehe…kind of funny.  Both my mom and Steve says I need to have a party when it’s through. Very funny. It’s just weird, I guess, but it’s a relief it’s over now.

It’s a bit funny because sometime in the beginning of September Steve had a woman come in his work and she was deaf like I am, and she was asking about getting internet, and of course it was the wrong place for that. So Steve had to help her out and let her know who to contact for getting her internet hooked up, and he actually could sign to her to help her out. She was totally surprised about that and he had to tell her that he had a girlfriend who was deaf. She had no idea about other deaf people living here, and he said that we could meet up and see if we get along. So the day that she came in, I heard about it, and I said I wouldn’t mind meeting her. So we met up and she was actually a pretty nice lady, who has two kids, so it was kind of different having someone to actually talk to here in Brockville. I have lived here for three or so years and I haven’t actually found anyone to talk to, another deaf person locally. So it was cool to meet someone else. I’ve met up with her twice so far just to get to know her and so on, so it’s been interesting that’s for sure.  It’s been a pretty busy past little while, that’s for sure!

A Quiet Period

What’s been up? A whole lot, that’s for sure!

I had made a New Years resolution when 2013 came around last year which was to lose weight within the year, I wanted to go back down to 130 pounds as I noticed I was gaining weight again, so I was determined to lose weight and go back to my original weight. I know I was having a hard time with eating once I moved to Brockville – I was overeating which was not much fun. So I decided to count calories and eat less so I could lose weight. It worked – it took forever, but I lost 20-30 pounds in one year so by the end of December I was in my goal weight – 128-130.

Then when 2014 came around I was determined to start working out, it was my new resolution, so to get my energy back up in a good level. But I was finding that a very difficult thing to do, unfortunately. :/ Ugh. I still am currently having a tough time with that. I actually found that the workout videos by Zuzka Light were available for Canadians finally after 2014 came around so I ordered them a couple of months ago, and they are quite good. Unfortunately I’m not quite yet in a good shape to actually do it all, so it’s pretty difficult. Her workouts are always so painful when you start out on them. There are twelve different workouts in the DVDs and I have only gotten up to the 8th one. It’s pretty tough, and my weight hasn’t really changed much – I was gaining again so I wasn’t happy about that, so I decided to get my thyroid checked and see my doctor. My thyroid was still in a good place – so much so that it helped me lose weight in the past year. My doctor is now checking for other things that may be affecting my health – as I’m constantly tired and have no energy and she thinks it may be mostly perimenopause (I’m 34 after all!) but she’s checking for other things as well so to see what happens. Hopefully they’ll find something soon.

I spent a lot of the beginning of 2014 watching the Big Bang Theory Blu-rays. I just finished the 6th season in the end of March. Heh…Steve thought I was crazy for watching so much but I was also feeling off after the New Years which sucked, and helped me watch so much. *laughs*

When 2014 started, it started out pretty quietly. I was also going through all my photos on my computer, I had tons and tons of photos on the computer that I really, really wanted to print out for myself, to put in my albums. So I could just look through them instead of having to turn on my computer and dig through all the crappy pictures to get to the good to print out. I like the good, old times where you just look through albums and talk to people about different pictures. I do that online with people I know but I like seeing them in person usually. I went to Walmart with Steve to develop some pictures, but I’m not even done yet. I had like 700 to develop that day, and Steve had 200, so not too bad for him. Steve is done developing the pictures he wanted, but I’m not done yet, which is sad. I developed hundreds of photos…and unbelievably enough I’m not even done. That was horrible…now I’m just waiting to get more money so to develop more pictures. Heh…crazy.

Steve got sick with a cold flu in February and I had to take care of him, and then I got sick with it. Sigh…it was no fun at all! I got the flu shot in the fall but that flu wasn’t covered by the shot, and it really wiped you right out. Valentine’s Day was quiet for both of us…I think I got the flu around Valentine’s Day while Steve was getting better, so yay us. Fun…

Steve was also checking out on getting a house and whether he would be able to. He wasn’t too sure if he could on his own, but because I wasn’t really working full time I couldn’t help him out, even though I have really good credit, so…oh well. Anyway, he was looking into it and he was told by his dad’s broker that he would have to work on rebuilding his credit before he could get a house. We had been talking about looking around for houses and all that, as it’s really, really affordable around here. But he still had to find out and now he has to work on rebuilding his credit…so much fun. Too bad I’m still on disability. Blah…not like I would be able to find work really – I’ve been working with the Canadian Hearing Society for a while on help on finding work and they haven’t even found anything either. So yeah…fun.

Anyway, just a while ago I was checking with the doctor to see what was wrong with me – I was just feeling so exhausted, and was a bit moody and so on, so on, so I was trying to see what was wrong with me. The doctor thought maybe I may have either a B-12 deficiency or celiac disease. I was like, really? More stuff where I would need more medicine for? She’s just checking information and checking my blood to see, just in case I have it, but she believes it may just be my stages of perimenopause as it’s very similar to thyroid issues. Fun. Sigh…not so much fun for Steve to be around me that’s for sure! Heh…the exhaustion I’m really sick of. I want to feel normal again, but that’s all up in the air right now. Heh…

I was looking up coupons online for various stuff, and found one for the Harlem Globetrotters and I thought it’d be fun, so I asked Steve if he wanted to check them out, as we weren’t quite saving up money for houses or anything like that right now as Steve needed to rebuild his credit up first, so I asked him if he wanted to go see them and he did, so I ordered two tickets for us to go watch the game. I’ve always heard about them and it sounded like fun…so we went to see them in Kingston and it was hysterical. Lots of fun and lots of entertainment, that’s for sure. It’s funny because the official Harlem Globetrotters Instagram site liked our picture together with the basketball court in the background of us. So it was a bit funny.

We went out to dinner at Kelsey’s as Steve had done some video work for a woman he knew from work, and she was so grateful for the help, that she gave him two gift cards to restaurants, so we decided to use one of them last night. It was a good meal – I always like Kelsey’s fajitas! Heh…we also went to Mac Johnson Wildlife Trails to look at the melting snow on the river and enjoy it – it was quite warm yesterday, like it was today. Spring is finally coming…I hate winter so much, I really do. The cold really gets to me, especially now that I have lost all my weight. Shee…heh.

The Fall Months

It was very quiet when we got back home from the vacation – it was almost as if the vacation made me feel the need to have another vacation as it was so…busy and crazy. I was exhausted from it – therefore the reason why it took me so long to write a blog entry. Heh. The time after the trip I spent a lot of time editing photos that I took over the vacation – I actually took just over 1,300 photos for that, so that took me a long while to edit and go through. Wow.

September was a pretty quiet month, just went back to working and all that. October seemed quiet as well, with some outings to Mac Johnson Wildlife Trails – I wanted to take some pictures of all the colour on the trees as it was fall. Got some nice pictures then. My nephew’s birthday was in October, so Steve and I headed out to Belleville with my mom and John to go to his 2 year old birthday party. We went to some kind of party room in a stadium in Belleville, and then watched him open all his presents and him playing around with his relatives and playmates. It was also my birthday in that month, and it was pretty quiet. I also had to do a bit of shopping for myself, as I had found that I had lost over 20 pounds since January (it was my 2013 New Years resolution for me, to lose all the extra weight I had gained since I moved to Brockville) and all my pants were too big for me. Sigh…so I went with Steve to pick out pants and found that I now fit in size 6-7 pants. Crazy, but all good. My birthday was pretty quiet – Steve and I went to a restaurant, 1000 Islands Restaurant in downtown Brockville. It was actually pretty good, we just mellowed out and ate. I had asked to go somewhere different for my birthday to try, and it was pretty good there. Then we got home and watched a movie of some kind, but I cannot remember what movie it was. I do know I felt quite old turning 34…but once you hit your 30’s you just go, okay, another year older. Heh…

November seemed to be yet another quiet month. I ended up doing a lot of my Christmas shopping in the end of November and got a lot of it done, which was a bit funny. It made for an easier Christmas this year, getting it all done earlier in the month.

There was an ice storm in December, so Steve wanted to go out and film all the ice and snow. It was pretty slippery, so it was crazy, trying to maneuver our way around the parking lot. We went to Mac Johnson Wildlife Area, but we didn’t go in the trails. We just stayed in the parking lot and I took pictures of all the ice hanging on the trees and stuff like that. It was pretty crazy. We had to be careful where we went.

Anyway, there was Christmas eve, which was pretty good. It was also Steve and my three year anniversary of seeing each other, so it was nuts. Christmas was not too bad, it was quiet again. Christmas day was good – Steve and I celebrated at the apartment in the morning, and then headed out to my mom’s in the afternoon to open gifts and then went out to Aquaterra for Christmas dinner. It was pretty good. I didn’t even see my brother and his family on Christmas as they saw her on Christmas Eve as my mom and John went there to exchange gifts and stuff like that, and they got the gifts from them so I didn’t get to see any of them. I don’t think I have seen my brother and his family in a while now, not since Zaiden’s birthday! Nothing new with that really.

I ended up getting the whole Big Bang Theory series in a Blu-ray box set. http://www.amazon.ca/The-Big-Bang-Theory-Complete/dp/B008BTOVL6. Steve and I were talking about the movies due to the demise of Paul Walker, the actor from The Fast and the Furious…I was talking about how I used to think he was cute when I saw the first FF movie. Funny. I proceeded to watch the second soon after but it felt different than the first so after the second one I stopped watching it altogether. Steve was all, you’re kidding? The best ones are the later ones, but I had never watched them. So he proceeded to buy all 6 Fast and the Furious movies for me for Christmas, so I could watch it all and understand why everyone loved them so much. *laughs* I do get it – I watched all the movies soon after Christmas, in this order: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and then 3 – the last three (4, 5, 6) are pretty good, I really liked them. I remember that no one liked the 3rd movie all that much, but for me, in the order I watched it, it just made sense and it was pretty fun to watch. Now I can’t wait for the 7th one to come out on Blu-ray, so I can watch it, though just a bit sad of the fact that Paul Walker won’t have much of a prominent role in the later movies. :/ I have no idea what they are going to do, but I’d like to see the 7th one to see what they do.
http://www.thefastandthefurious.com/splashpage/ Oh well. Oh yes, I got a set of new dishes, they sort of remind me of my old ones that I had to throw out a long time ago because they were built wrong, and were poisonous. These new ones should be better, hopefully! Oh well…https://www.pinterest.com/pin/89790586291117677/ My old dishes were just white and boring, and looked pretty old too so it’s good. I got a bunch of stuff but cannot remember what any of them are, which is unfortunate. From Steve I mean.

Anyway, my mom got me a bunch of clothes for Christmas so that was nice – as I was going through all my clothes, and a lot of them were getting huge on me so I was tossing my clothes out one by one, putting them all together so to donate to someplace where other people can use them. I have one large garbage bag worth of clothes which is pretty nuts. :/ She got me clothes, books, and the such like.

I got Steve window visors for his car, and he was waiting for the weather to warm up before he could put them on his car…that was one of his big presents he wanted for Christmas so, of course he got that.

When Boxing Day came around, Steve went to Kingston to visit his dad, and of course I tagged along. Fun…

It has been both busy and quiet for me in those time periods.

New Year’s Eve was a quiet night, Steve and I stayed at home and I think we watched a movie that night. He wanted to relax for New Years Eve and not go out and celebrate so it wasn’t much of a surprise. It was a quiet start to the year.

The North American Vacation

Wow, it’s been a horribly long time since I have last written here. :/ It’s been so busy and I’ve been exhausted with all the stuff that’s been going on. Heh. I’ll start off with the beginning of August. We had that memorial service for Steve’s mom in the end of July and it was good, just meeting all the people and exchanging condolences. Steve is still having a bit of a hard time with his mom passing away so it’s a bit tough, but he seems to be getting better these days with some bad days here and there.

We had that vacation in the beginning of August to go across Canada and the US. Oh my God, that was extremely, extremely long, and my eyes got overloaded with seeing so much stuff, so many changes in the lands as we were driving. I was overwhelmed, that’s for sure. But it was a lot of fun though, so it was good. The first day we went to Kingston, met up with Steve’s dad for breakfast before heading off on our trip. The first day I actually had to see the remains of a dead dog, maybe, at a road stop we stopped at for a drive break in Ontario. It was creepy…Steve at one point stopped at a town called Mattawa and he thought it was hilarious as it had the name of Matt in the name that usually comes after Ottawa, so he had to stop to check it out. The next day we continued on our drive through Ontario – and we stopped at an abandoned house that Steve had visited before by Blind River. Of course, that’s nothing new with Steve, he loves his abandoned places. We stopped at Chippewa River Falls – that was a pretty place. We went walking all around the rocks around the falls so it was pretty cool. After that we stopped at Lake Superior shores, and the hills to it were very steep so I didn’t go down. Just watched Steve do so and he filmed around there. That day we stopped at a cheap motel and the people who owned it was really nice, and the food they served was amazing. Steve kept talking to the people there, and the son of the family who owned the motel was telling Steve he should try surfing when he went down to California, he loves doing that, and thought he should try it. *laughs* I couldn’t imagine him ever doing that though, and he didn’t of course.

The third day we drove for 15 hours straight so that was a hard, hard day for us. We made it to Manitoba that day, and we didn’t make many stops that day. When we did, it was just to film and take pictures of the many fields that we were driving through. One in particular I really liked was the sunflower field, that was amazing for me to see actually. *laughs*

In the fourth day we drove straight through Saskatchewan from Manitoba and then we arrived to Medicine Hat, Alberta. It was a very rainy day that day, so we didn’t make very many stops along the way. We made one stop to a look-out point, which was pretty, but otherwise we didn’t make many stops because of the rain.

We woke up in Medicine Hat, Alberta on the 5th day, and then headed out to Dinosaur Park. Steve had gone there before a few times, and wanted to take me there. He used to live in Alberta so he knew that province pretty well. It’s funny though, because when Steve used his GPS that day it took us on a dirt road and Steve thought we were lost, but it was just a back road to it. It was rough going, that’s for sure! We got to Dinosaur Park, and that was pretty huge and pretty amazing. I think we stayed there and explored for around 2-3 hours, which was crazy. But it was cool, and had a lot to look at. We then went to the Visitors Centre at Dinosaur Park and checked out the dinosaur bones that they had dug up in the land – and why it’s called Dinosaur Park. It was cool. We then drove up to Banff, Alberta and decided to get a room to sleep there, but we found that the rooms that Banff had were crazy expensive, so we decided to find a campground and camp instead. In that campground there was a bear advisory so I was a bit nervous about that part. And unfortunately, it turned out to be a very cold night…brrrr!!!! Neither of us slept very much, as it was so cold. The temperature dropped to 8 Celisus that night so it was cold. It was horrible.

The 6th day we had a hard time getting up and going – it was a really cold night so neither of us slept, so it was slow going for both of us that morning. We drove up to Athabasca Glacier. Steve had been there before of course, so he wanted to show it to me. It was a very pretty day so it made for great pictures. The hike up to Athabasca Glacier was hard going as the air was so thin, being so high up, so it took me a while to climb up to there. I had no idea how it all worked and all that so Steve went up on the glacier, and was like, it’s not bad…so I gave it a try…he stayed down while I went up. When I came back, he told me he thought I was crazy for going so far up. I had no idea, I was just walking and exploring and making sure I avoided the cracks in the glacier so I wouldn’t go through, that’s all…he said that there cracks were sort of where I was supposed to stop at. I went over them. Oh well…Steve then went up further on one side of the glacier to film, of course. He was saying that the glacier has shrunk considerably from the last time he went up – every time he goes up there, he finds it gets smaller and smaller, so it’s pretty crazy. Guess it’s just all global warming! Oh well. We spent around 1-2 hours there, and then drove back to Banff to get gas, and then drove to the border of B.C., and stopped at Radium Hot Springs (yes, that’s a town’s name!) and got a motel. On the drive to Radium, I asked Steve to stop at wherever there were lakes that were turquoise, so those were just so pretty…just to take pictures of. Heh. We decided to go to a German restaurant to try, at Radium Hot Springs, and it was very good. It was a lot of fun there, our waitress was quite funny. Here’s the video of the Athabasca Glacier here:

Athabasca Glacier from Steve Savage on Vimeo.

The 7th day we started out at Radium Hot Springs; we wanted to go to Othello Tunnels that day – Steve had gone there before and wanted to show it to me. It used to be a railway tunnel that doesn’t run anymore. It is actually very old and it was pretty cool. We were there for around 1-2 hours just exploring and going through all the tunnels. I had to hold on to Steve for the duration when we walked through the tunnels as it was very, very dark – nearly pitch black. Hard to see, and when you have no hearing – it’s really hard to keep your balance when you cannot see, too. Yikes. So I had to hold on to Steve whenever we were in the tunnels. There were a lot of moisture in there too, so much dripping going on inside as well so it was pretty creepy. *laughs* But it was really beautiful and the landscape outside of the tunnels was just amazing, so it was cool. When we were done with the tunnels, we went driving for the rest of the time to get closer to the U.S. border and stopped at Hope, just before the border, for the night.

Moments: Othello Tunnels from Steve Savage on Vimeo.

Here is a video of the Rockies that we drove by as we stopped here and there for the other destinations we went to. :)

The Rocky Mountains from Steve Savage on Vimeo.

The 8th day we went driving from Hope, B.C., through Washington state to Salem, Oregon. We took a lot of breaks, but that day we just aimed to drive and drive until we got to California. We got to the border crossing, and we ended up having to wait an hour before we got through. It was crazy, though it was funny at one point, while we were sitting and going and sitting, we then encountered a sign that said, “Thank You for Not Idling”…Oops! Heh. Anyway, after we got past the border, we went through a lot of big cities – Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland, Oregon. There were a lot of traffic jams, much to Steve’s frustration – he hates big cities and all those traffic. So, that wasn’t much fun. We stopped at Salem, Oregon for the night.

We left Salem and then drove through to Crater Lake Provincial Park in Oregon. We stopped at one point as we saw a sign saying Dexter Lake, which made us think of the TV show we watch, Dexter. So it was funny and we just took the time to pose with the signs. *laughs* There were a lot of mountains, fields and lakes on the drive to California. We then arrived to Crater Lake to check out the land. It was very, very cool, we were there for around 2-3 hours just taking pictures and filming, and just looking at it all. There was very, very blue waters that my camera couldn’t actually replicate, but it was gorgeous. The lake was caused by a volcano that blew – the overflow of the volcano created a lake all around the volcano, and the volcano part became Wizard Island. The waters were incomparable – just so blue and gorgeous. There were a lot of steep hills around the lake so we couldn’t just go in there and check out the waters! Heh…oh well. After Crater Lake, we went driving, and kept on driving and we got to Klamath Falls, so we stopped there for the night. We went to Applebee’s for supper and then headed back home. We passed our motel accidentally, thinking that it was further down, and then we noticed we were being pelted by bugs, a ton of bugs, just…a ton. We couldn’t believe it, how much bugs we were being pelted by as we were driving, and then after a point of our driving (slow going as we couldn’t see through our window anymore as it was full of bug gunk), Steve thought that maybe we did pass our hotel, so we turned around and drove back. We got to the hotel, and got out, and saw that the car was all muddy with dead bugs. Ewwwwwww. Never seen anything that bad…yuck! Steve decided to look up what kind of bugs they were, as they were big bugs that hit our car, and there were like hundreds of them. Turned out that this town had those bugs that were only native to Klamath Falls, they were Klamath bugs called Klamath midge…so we were like, wow, we feel so special and so lucky. Yuck! We got in our motel and we realized that it was our third motel so far that had just a shower, no bathtub. That was sad, because both of us like taking baths. *laughs* So that was unfortunate.

The 10th day we got to California at 9:30 in the morning. While we were just driving around to our destination, we were amazed at how much nature there was in California. I suggested to Steve to take a road closer to the ocean so he did, we turned on to the Trinity highway. However, the drive took us around 3 hours extra so it was pretty crazy. We went up and around mountains so it was pretty nice. We stopped here and there to take pictures and film, but otherwise just drove. We stopped at Laytonville, California for the night.

We then got to San Francisco at around 2 the next day. We just drove with no stopping. When we got to San Francisco we started walking up and down the hills there – that was hard. We stayed there for a short time, and we also went to Baker Beach when we first got there to check out the Golden Gate Bridge from there. We did drive across it when we first arrived too, but we also wanted to see the beach where you could see the bridge in the distance. We tried the ocean there at Baker Beach and oh, gosh! Was it ever cold! I barely kept my feet in the Pacific Ocean, it was friggin’ cold! The bridge was pretty cool, kind of reminds me of those old “Full House” episodes with the intro of the car driving through the bridge. Kind of funny, I guess. San Francisco was pretty, that’s for sure. We then got out of the city and back on the road, and then got to see the desert and fields of California, kind of. We then got a hotel and went to Applebee’s for dinner again and then went swimming that night – it was nice after the cold ocean that we checked out. Heh.

The twelfth day, we then drove down to L.A., and arrived at Calabasas. We needed to change the rest of our Canadian dollars to American money so we tried going to a bank to change money but no one would let us exchange our money for US currency, so we kept going to different banks and one said that we could have money changed over if we opened a Wells Fargo account and then we would be able to exchange the money. So after all our frustration, Steve decided he wanted to open an account so he could do that, so he had to do that. After that was all done, we drove to Hollywood along Ventura Boulevard. At one point, Steve decided to get his oil changed while driving, so we stopped at a garage to get his oil changed. We drove through Encino, Studio City, and then Hollywood. When we got there, we got a hotel room. After that we went walking through Hollywood to find supper and found a place that made shawarma food. We ate there, then afterwards, tried to figure out what was around Hollywood, and figured out there was the Walk of Stars, so we went to downtown Hollywood to check it out. There were stars along the sidewalk so it was funny to see that they were there. The Walk of Stars consisted of stars such as Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz, and so on, so on. We also found this one area where different stars had imprinted their hands, feet and signatures into cement. It’s funny though because Robert Downey Jr. had huge feet and tiny hands. We spent around 2 hours at the Walk of Stars, it was crazy, but it was pretty cool to see though.

We headed out to Las Vegas on the 13th day. We stopped for a big breakfast at Denny’s and then drove. We stopped at Hoover Dam to check out their huge dam that is at Lake Mead. It was pretty cool to check out and take pictures of. Steve had heard about it and wanted to go check it out, and it was pretty fascinating. The heat, though, was quite hot – the temperature got up to 45 Celisus that day. Hot, but not humid – just plain and steaming hot. Wow. We went to Boulder City and booked a hotel there – it had a casino in the hotel so we were worried it may be too expensive to stay in, but it was so cheap that we just took a room. Heh. It had restaurants, casinos, pools and all that, so it was good. We ate at a steakhouse there, and that was good, and then afterwards, we went to the casino to play the slot machines a bit then we crashed.

For the 14th day we packed up the car to go to the Grand Canyons, and as we were packing up the car, we realized we didn’t have our hotel key with us to return to the front desk, so we had to let them know that we had lost it while signing out. We then left, and headed out driving to the Grand Canyons. Steve wanted to stop everywhere to film and take videos and all I wanted to do was crash and sleep as it was so hot already. It was very hard to do, just get up and around in the heat. At one point in our drive in the desert we got hit by a rare rainstorm and the temperature dropped from 40 to 22. It was nuts how much it dropped, but it went right back up after we had passed the rainstorm. That temperature went down in the span of 2 minutes so it was really weird to see. Heh. Later there was another rainstorm again where the raindrops were as big as a fist/baseball. We checked out the Grand Canyon – that was unbelievable. It was so huge that we just went on a small part of. It’s probably something I would go to again to actually explore in full another time, but it was just unbelievably massive. It was gorgeous too, but just so, so, so, so big! Steve has said he doesn’t like heights like me, but he wanted to try going on different crevices that was a bit too close to the edge to film and stuff like that, which was a bit crazy. I was too nervous to. Heh…maybe next time. It was quite cool though. We spent a bit of time in the Grand Canyons and then left, and headed out to Wilkins, Arizona and got a hotel room.

The 15th day was rainy all day, so it didn’t make for very nice sightseeing time. We made it to Paige, Arizona. The thunderstorms in the desert were usually pretty weird, it just came and went, really quickly. We tried to get to Antelope Canyon, but we only could the next day as the tours were full. So, it was a quiet day that day.

The 16th day we woke up early in the morning to make our Antelope Canyon tour. It was really fascinating, lots to see and go through, so it was cool. Steve actually wiped out at one point slipping on the rocks on the ground. The grounds in the canyons were either sandy or rocky, so he slipped on a smooth rock that was dusted by sand, so he took a pretty good fall. It was pretty funny but still, ouch! Oh well…he was okay anyway. We actually got through at a really good time, where in one place has that famous light streaming through the canyons at a certain time of day, and I actually tried to capture it with my camera, and I surprisingly succeeded here and there. It was pretty cool to do. Heh. There were so many professional photographers around there so it was pretty crazy. But that canyon was beautiful though, smooth and wavy rocks all through so it was cool. Here is Steve’s video of it here – he wasn’t happy about how the tour turned out to be, just full of people and all that – there was, so he wasn’t happy with what he was able to capture there. Oh well. Here’s the video:

Antelope Canyon from Steve Savage on Vimeo.

Before I went to the canyons, there was a few people selling jewelry, and I was trying to find turquoise jewelry, as it’s really popular down there, and I wanted something in that. I got a turquoise necklace which was really pretty and different, from them. So I was happy about that. After that, we drove and drove till we got to Pagosa Hot Springs in Colorado. We then went to Pagosa Hot Springs Resort that Steve had booked the day before for his birthday, and then we just went to the different hot spring pools in the evening and relaxed – it was so nice. After a few weeks of go-go-go, just relaxing at a hot tub resort was so nice. That place had hot springs of all temperatures all over the place so I had to go in different ones and find the one I liked. Steve wanted the pools he went to be really hot, where I wanted it less hot, still hot, but less hot. Steve kept thinking the ones I liked were too cool for him. Grr. Heh…it was just weird, but we got to compromise on one pool that everyone else actually liked.

The 17th day was a relaxing day – it was Steve’s birthday so all we did was just mellow out and enjoy the hot springs, walked around town to see what was around. We had breakfast first thing in the morning and that was good – I got homemade waffles which was unbelievable… soooo good! We spent most of the day in the hot springs and sleeping, and then headed to supper at the Plaza Grille which had really good food. It was a good day, relaxing day, which was something Steve definitely needed. *laughs*

On the 18th day, Steve wanted to get up very early, so to start driving back home from Colorado. We just drove and drove and drove. We stopped at Montana for the night that day.

On the 19th day, Steve found that his GPS wasn’t giving accurate directions, so he was getting lost and we kept having to have me read the paper maps all the time, we kept having to stop at each rest stop every time we got to a state, so we decided to stop at a Walmart or someplace like that to get a new GPS, and he picked himself one. It helped with the directions. Heh…he cannot live without his GPS, that’s for sure!

The 20th day was just more driving. We got back home at like 11 in the night but it was a nice relief to be finally home. After the last few days of just driving straight ahead, I was exhausted and totally sick of the car. Heh…it was a really crazy trip, with so much to do, that’s for sure, but it was a fun trip though.

Here’s a video of the entire trip through North America, it’s pretty cool how you can see everything all in one video. :)

North America – Continent of Diversity & Beauty from Steve Savage on Vimeo.

Good and Bad Times

It’s been a quiet but crazy time lately.  Steve and I were going to beaches of all sorts and enjoying the sun when we could.  We have gone to Charleston Lake a couple of times and it’s been pretty good.  Though the day we went to Charleston Lake, Steve was saying that I probably need a bikini instead of a tankini as I get hot easily, and to not worry cause everyone was wearing them.  Yes, but it’s just who I am – not exactly confident with wearing a bikini.  I’d be nearly naked.  Yech!  Anyway, we went to the beaches and enjoyed the water and all that.  It’s been a really, really humid and hot summer lately so it’s horrible.  I’m glad I have A/C at home so that’s all I use right now.  Anyway, after we hung out at Charleston Lake Steve made me go to a store to look around for bikinis.  I really wasn’t in the mood for that, and I am not a big fan of them at all.  So we spent like a hour to two hours trying on bikinis – that was so annoying. *laughs*  But I ended up getting three sets of bikinis – which was just weird.  One of them is a Corona bikini with a parrot on it – really?  I don’t even drink and I have it?  Steve loved the parrot part of it, so that’s why I have it.  Sheesh!!  I have already worn that set when we went to Kingston to visit Steve’s mom at the hospital.  It was a bit weird for me to do that, but worked out fine anyway.

I also went with Steve while he had to do some filming for work – to the Perth Kilt Run 2013 in the end of June.  That was pretty funny, watching all the people compete for the run…in skirts!  It was pretty amusing to watch.  It’s the kind of run where you can see how many people would compete in it.  They broke the world record in 2010 for having the most people run in kilts.  It was amusing watching all the people crowd to check it out and watch all the runners.  I was just amazed that the men weren’t embarrassed at all about running in kilts, so it was just funny.

The Canada Day weekend was pretty good – I went to see the fireworks on Canada Day at Centeen Park, and it was nice – though a bit short.  It was cool.  I got to experiment with my camera taking shots of the fireworks so it was kind of different.  I went to the Charleston Lake beaches, went shopping for a bikini afterwards after Steve asked me to, and so on, so on.  It was a pretty good weekend, busy, but pretty good.

Steve found out that his mom was slowly going downhill so he kept trying to go to Kingston to visit her, to say hi, and talk to her.  She hadn’t been doing well for the last few weeks so he was concerned about her.  So it was pretty much a touch and go kind of thing for a while, keeping updated on how she was and so on, so on…

In the first weekend of July my mom invited me & Steve along with my brother and his family over for a BBQ dinner.  I had to pick up a few things from my mom as well, such as some money for the trip so that’s good to have.  The visit with my brother and his family was good – Zaiden is a lot bigger than I remembered him to be – it had been a while since I had seen Zaiden too, so yeah, he’s older, he’s now over a year old.  It was just funny to see though.  The food was good – way too much, but very good. Heh…Steve went to visit his parents for a little bit beforehand to see his mom as she wasn’t doing too great then.  It was both a good and bad day for him so it wasn’t much fun!  Oh well…

Last weekend my work had a TVCOGECO Volunteer Appreciation Day cruise so I went on that.  We went on the 1000 Islands cruise so it was cool.  It was a hot day, but luckily we were on the boat so that helped a bit with the heat.  I had met some of the TVCOGECO volunteers before and I got to meet the rest of them so it was pretty nice to meet all those people.  The food was good – they had food served for lunch so that was yummy.  Just was on the cruise for a few hours in the afternoon so it was nice.  We came off Gananoque, and went all the way to Boldt Castle Island and even under the U.S.-Canada bridge, so that was pretty funny.  I just kept busy snapping photos of everything I saw around us.  It was a good ride.

Steve’s mom ended up in Kingston General Hospital as she was worsening, so they asked him to come in to see his mom on the Sunday after the cruise so we went to Kingston again to see his mom.  We stopped at the hospital to see her, talked to everybody, and just got updated on what was going on.  We had wanted to go swimming that day somewhere in Brockville, but had to come in to Kingston to visit his mom and dad, then after our visit we went swimming on the waterfront close to the hospital for a hour or so, then changed and went back to the hospital to keep company with Ken.  When Steve was ready to go back home we headed back.  We had to keep an eye and an ear out for the phone to for any calls coming in about his mom, and how she was doing.  We came in on the following Wednesday as Ken was saying that she was getting worse, so we came in on Wednesday and Thursday.  Those two days were pretty iffy – she was in the hospital and was about to go, so we visited the full afternoon on Wednesday and stayed till 10 in the night.  I got to meet Steve’s brother, Ken, (yes, I know, two Kens – so confusing!) for the very first time, so that was different.  I don’t think I was expecting to ever see him, but he came for his mom.  He was only going to be staying in Ontario till Sunday or so for his mom, and then visit a friend in Toronto and then fly back to Vancouver.  Anyway, it was good meeting him, and we were sitting around, and everyone was talking to each other, to his mom who was pretty much out of it the entire time – she was in a bit of pain at times so they were trying to keep her comfortable.  Steve really had a hard time with it all, so it was a tough time.  Steve’s brother, Ken, took us out for dinner on Thursday at Milestone’s so that was good.  Everyone was taking turns visiting his mom, so when we went to dinner, their step-dad, Ken, took over, and then switched around.  However, after we finished our dinner, and after Steve dropped Ken off at the hospital and then me at my mom’s, as I needed a break from the hospital.  Steve then returned to the hospital and found that she had passed away.  So all the men went out for drinks afterwards to celebrate her life.  It was sad for everybody.

There’s going to be a memorial service next Wednesday so we’ll be going to that.  It’s been a tough time for Steve the last little while with him worrying about his mom, and now that she’s gone he’s having a tough time with it.  It’s not much fun, I know that.  I went through a much quicker version with my dad, and with Steve going through a longer version of her battle had to be hard, but oh well.  I do know she’s definitely better off now, in peace and not in pain anymore, and she’ll be able to talk. So it’s all good.

Steve is now having a bit of time off work until the memorial service, then he’ll return back to work until it’s time for our trip.

I had just read an imgur post of a letter that a lesbian couple just received in Kingston, and it was pretty bad.  It was from someone who was scared of gay people and telling the lesbian couple to get out of Kingston otherwise there’d be bad stuff happening to them.  It was just a bad letter, a really threatening letter to them about their sexual preference.  Ugh. :/  The link is here: Faith in humanity lost.  It’s pretty bad and I’m from Kingston so it’s disturbing.

It’s been a crazy little while, for sure.

Nothing But Craziness…

It’s been nutty lately. I found that one email address that I had was receiving a lot of spam, and it was getting worse and worse, and I kept getting spam from people that I thought I knew, but I didn’t…it was just one of those phishing scams, and it was pretty bad. I was getting those constantly in one email so it sucked. :/ So I had to work on changing my email address – the email address that I have had since I was a teenager had to be stopped, and I had to create a new one. Email addresses ending with Hotmail, Yahoo, and the such like weren’t the most secure email addresses anyway, so I had to find a more secure one…I knew Gmail is pretty good so I had to set up new ones with them, and get rid of the Yahoo and Hotmail addresses. Oh, so exciting. So far it seems to be getting better. But it was pretty busy lately changing all the subscriptions I get, to the new email addresses, and changing a lot of my logins, and etcetera. It’s been extremely annoying but I think I’m pretty much done. I’ve also been busy clearing out the old email addresses to get rid of my old emails and stuff, so it’s been a lot of work. Going through them has been both funny and pretty much a pain in the ass.

Things have been quiet. I’ve been busy editing photos from the trips I had made to Marble Rock Conservation Area, Charleston Lake, and the Tall Ships festival. I was going out to most of them but kept putting off on editing the photos till last week. Nuts. But I have a few pictures up so it’s pretty good…I’ve been so slow with that – been so busy working and planning for the summer trip. We had found that the person that Steve was going to ask to look after our cats while we were away, was going to be away one week in our duration of the vacation so he couldn’t ask him. So we had to scramble and find someone to look after them, or figure out a way to board them. If we have to board them, then we’d put off the trip till next year, which would suck majorly. We have to save up more money after all. But so far, we have saved up a bit of money for the trip so it’s pretty good. We still have a couple of months left to save up, so it should be good, at least hopefully! I think one of the volunteers at Steve’s work would look after the cats, but we’re still not entirely certain about that. The landlord at the apartment has said that she would look for someone and a person might do that, but not entirely sure, so it’s all right…I think it’ll likely be the volunteer.

Hmm, what else…I started using FitnessPal on my phone so to help me count my calories, and it is quite helpful. I just log on what I eat, what I do for activity, and then it tells me how much calories I have left. So far since I have first started FitnessPal in the end of May, I logged on 3 pounds heavier…I’m now three pounds lighter, so it’s pretty good. I’m enjoying it, it looks up stuff online too, sometimes the calories are way more than what it says on the box – but it’s the US and Canada thing so I have to really pay attention to it. Oh well! It’s been interesting, but so far it’s working. I’m still wanting to get down to 140, which would be great, and then even lower. It seems to work – I just have to eat less pre-packaged food and bad food, and less food altogether. Yay. I do feel better now, so it’s good. I need to keep it up so I can get to my goal weight, which is 130. I know, it’s pretty low, but I’m hoping I can get it that low. It’ll take a while, but I don’t mind. It seems to work – I don’t look entirely overweight anymore, for a while I was eating way too much calories and I was sort of looking swollen. I didn’t like that, but now it’s better. I’m paying attention to what I eat now.

And I found normal daily vitamins that were liquid – which was a total shock for me. After my mom was telling me about the gelcaps for the vitamin D’s and stuff, I started looking around in different grocery stores and found that Loblaws sold liquid daily vitamins – Wampole Vitamins that you take with a spoon. It’s awesome… as soon as I started my kidney felt perfectly normal. For a while after I switched to Vitamin D gelcaps, it still felt a bit swollen and uncomfortable, but better…now it’s totally better, and I’m finally losing weight easier. I’m happy about that. I have to make sure I keep up taking them.

It’s been really nice out that I’ve gone out a bit taking pictures and having Steve film this whole time…I’m tired now, of taking pictures and going through the nature to hike…I wasn’t used to it at all. *laughs* We went to Marble Rock Conservation Area, and that place is really cool. Pretty fun to go through. And the day we went on, was a beautiful day too so it was great.

Then Steve injured his back one day at work and he was bedridden for a while – it almost seemed like he had a slipped disc, and I told him to go to the doctor to find out what exactly it was. His work is very physical and he’s always lifting stuff and carrying stuff, so he couldn’t do that anymore because of his back. So he went to his doctor, after his boss told him to, to find out what it was, and to bring a note for him to let him know that he had an injury and couldn’t do the heavy lifting. He had to use volunteers to do that sort of thing for him while he went to film stuff at work, so it was pretty crazy. He had to get a CT scan to check his back and he found two weeks ago that he has a herinated disc – and he has to be careful with it for the next 2-5 months, not use his back too much and let it heal and it should relocate back to where it was. So, it’s been so much fun…his back is finally starting to get better, and he can stand and walk again (for a while he was bedridden and he was starting to get stir-crazy! Hehe…) But when he got better, we went out to Charleston Lake.

He wanted to do some canoeing in his inflatible canoe. He wasn’t sure if his canoe was okay, as the cats tend to lie on it when it’s under the bed and knowing the cats, they knead with their claws when they lie down, so there might be some holes in the canoe…so we decided to give it a try…there were holes in my end of the canoe. :( I had a very wet butt by the time we got back…I was wearing clothes, not a swimsuit. Steve says that it was from me switching sides with the oars, splashing water on me, but if it was, I would have had a wet lap, which I didn’t. Heh… Great. So after that, Steve wanted to go out to one of the hiking trails there and we did, and filmed and photographed while out there, so it was pretty nice. He was sore when he finished, but was happy.

He stayed pretty much okay… some days he’d be really sore, but others, it wasn’t too bad. The next weekend we went to the Tall Ships Festival in downtown Brockville. It was pretty fun actually. I got some interesting shots of the different ships docked by the water, and I saw that they sold beaver tails, but I never got any…oops. I love them, I used to get them all the time when I went ice skating at the Ottawa canals. They are delish! But since I’m losing weight I really shouldn’t. Heh…I’ll get a chance to try them again later…I dunno. It’s been a while since I have had any.

Actually just before Steve and I went to the Tall Ships Festival, Purrsworth decided to do something completely and totally crazy. She jumped out of our third-floor living room window to the ground below. :/ I had absolutely no idea she had done that – luckily my landlord was down below painting the benches when she found that the cat had jumped – she says she landed on the bushes next to the apartment so she was lucky (knowing I had problems with my old cat, Midnight, who actually fell off my second floor balcony and because of his fall he got brain damaged and went crazy – had to put him to sleep) – and she got her and brought her back up to my apartment. She said she was surprised that she did that – heck, so am I! I was just working in the computer room having just finished a bath, when she jumped out! So weird…so her husband came in to look at the screen. It had originally been weak, bent and loose, when we moved in, with a lot of gummed up spots, so I didn’t really bother to ask about the screen… it was loose but it stayed in. They said they were going to look for a replacement screen, one that wasn’t so weak anymore, and put one in so that Purrsworth wouldn’t do that again. I now have my windows closed and am using my AC the whole time, so Purrsworth wouldn’t think of doing something so stupid again. There’s no screen there now, so she would definitely jump out again, so nah. Not doing that again. Purrsworth loves people and she likely saw the landlord and her husband down there painting and figured she wanted to say hello and she probably jumped out to do just that. Insane…

It’s been pretty crazy lately.

You can do anything, but not everything. – David Allen

Hmm, what do I say here? It’s been a crazily long time since I have written here, which is insane. Heh. I think I’m just thinking too much about whether I have anything to say that I always end up with nothing on my mind. It’s been busy the past little while, yet, not really. I’ve been keeping busy working occasionally, and keeping busy with Steve doing stuff around town and at home. I think it’s slow, but it’s really not been that slow. I think I think it’s slow because I haven’t been able to do a lot of stuff – as both Steve and I are too busy saving up money for a three-week trip we plan on taking in the summer, going out west in Canada, then along the California coast and then the Grand Canyon, maybe – just maybe – New Orleans and back up north to home. We are still figuring out if we can go everywhere we can go, with the amount of money we save up. We’re just going to be camping most of the time while we are on vacation, and then checking out different places and things. It should be fun, but all wait and see, of course, on how much we can save up. Therefore as a result we don’t get to do a lot right now, except stay at home and do our thing back here. *laughs* It’s not much fun…but hopefully the trip will be fun. All wait and see, of course!

Anyway, I’ve been busy back here just cleaning up, or trying to. I want to start doing more spring cleaning stuff – cleaning out the kitchen cupboards, the walls and the counters – even the stove, microwave, fridge and stuff like that. I want to focus on the kitchen, as I’ve been noticing lately that it’s been getting increasingly dirty. I’ve lived here over a year now, and I need to do some cleaning. It’s just getting gross. I actually pulled out the oven yesterday to clean the walls. Ew!!! :/ But that’s clean, and will start focusing on the oven and stuff like that, when Steve’s at work and stuff like that. It’s been hard for me to do, as I keep getting sick with all kinds of stuff. But I’ll get around to doing thorough cleaning in this place soon. And since the New Year’s, I actually decided to start counting my calories, to make sure I don’t eat too much. I figure that I was probably eating up to 1600 calories a day (shocking, huh? Too much!) so I had to start maintaining my weight. I was gaining weight and I was not happy about that, I think I actually reached 170 in my highest point – and I was exhausted all the time. So now I’m starting to eat at least under 1300 calories a day, so to get down to at least 130 and maybe under. As of now, I’m around 152, so I’m glad about that. I started back in the end of January. I wasn’t sure if that would work, but I have noticed my weight has gone down pretty quickly in the past couple of months. Maybe 1-2 pounds per week. It’s pretty impressive, and I’m starting to feel better, and trying to see what makes me feel fuller. I know when I switched to 1300 calories a day I was finding I was still hungry all the time still, so I was looking up online that I had to eat more good fibre (veggies, fruits, bread, nuts) to feel fuller and satisfied. If I was eating junk food, I would feel full but I would also feel so bloated and just craving food all the time once the bloated feeling went away. If I don’t, it helps. If I just eat fruit – for instance a banana, and I even found a recipe for kale chips, which helps reduce my cravings for junk food. The kale chips are so good – all I do is just tear up kale, pour a little olive oil over it and salt and pepper, then bake it. Easy enough, and it turns out to be nice and crispy, sort of reminding me of chips, but healthier. I was happy that I found it in this one website I love – ZuzkaLight.com. I like her workouts but found I was getting too tired from eating all those carbs and junk and even sugar, that I actually was stopping on exercising. So the past little while I’ve been trying to watch my calories and see if it helps with my energy. It does, but now I want to try working out again on the videos I used to love, but of course it’ll throw my calories off, I’d have to eat more, so it’s all just have to see sort of thing. I do want to keep it down. And I went to visit my mom in Kingston a few weekends ago; my mom told me to try some of the gel caps for the vitamins that I take.

If you read my blog before, you would know I have a lot of problems with kidney stones. They suck. So I usually have to watch on the amount of fatty food I eat, and stuff like that. Since I have started counting calories it has helped tremendously with my kidneys. But I was taking Vitamin D capsules a lot, as they are generally very good for my thyroid’s function, as I am hypothyroid, so they were probably still causing the development of stones. So my mom gave me what was left of her Vitamin D and C gel caps and told me to see if it helps get rid of the stones completely. So I started taking them for a week or so, and I have noticed that the pains in my kidney has reduced dramatically. I still drink a lot of water, as it’s necessary. (One funny thing about Steve, he thinks I’m crazy for drinking that much water! What? I’m drinking four large glasses a day to equal 8 glasses a day like most people are supposed to drink? That’s a lot? Okay…) But I’m hoping that with the different vitamins it’d help. So I may have to start looking around in stores for better vitamins for me, that wouldn’t bother my kidney more carefully. I now have to try finding a general every day vitamin I can take that are gel caps because they seem to help, strangely enough! Heh. So it’s been interesting lately having to pay attention to my food and stuff like that. I’m feeling better, so I need to keep it up. I still have chocolate and chips at home, I just eat them in moderation now. Some days it can be crazy hard to do that, but most days it’s just fine. I’m now following recipes while I cook, instead of eating pre-packaged food, so it’s been interesting. Pretty tasty most of the time.

Sometime in the end of March I went to this job fair, career services workshop that was all day in Brockville, and it turned out to be pretty interesting for me. There were a lot of people there, and a lot of presenters, including one from a printing company that also exists in Kingston. I applied to them when I lived in Kingston, but they were one of those companies that were unsure about having a deaf person working there for them. Especially a graphic designer, so it was a bit weird. The head of the company was there to talk about how it was like to work with a deaf employee – they had an employee that was deaf, so I was surprised about that. He works for the printing aspect for them, so it was interesting. I never did get to talk to the guy, he left before I was able to. I will have to contact him sometime and see if he’d be interested to have a deaf designer work for him. Just have to see, but I got to meet a lot of interesting people there, so it was pretty good. I still have to contact different job assistance groups, but otherwise the work I’m doing for TVCOGECO is keeping me busy. *laughs*

I’ve been going out a bit to take pictures, so it’s been pretty good. I went out to the Brockville Trails in the beginning of February – that was a cold, cold day! We went walking right next to Lake Ontario, so yes, that was very, very cold. :/ I ended up with very frozen fingers and toes…wow! Heh. It’s funny because lately I’ve been noticing a lack of enthusiasm for going out to take pictures – I’ve been lacking a lot of enthusiasm for a lot of things, so it’s really crazy. I’m not used to it – maybe it’s the winter blues? I honestly cannot stand the winter times. It’s so cold, white and bland! Crazy. Anyway, Steve and I also went out to Brown’s Bay in March, when things started warming up a bit. There were still snow on the ground, but things were warming up in the air, so that was better for me. And my camera. Heh. It was a nice day for it and all that…I got some nice pictures with it. Then later in the end of March we both went to the Jones Creek Trails. In March I was improving with the energy, so it was good. We went walking down Jones Creek Trails and took some pictures so that was cool. It was a dull day – that’s one downfall of spring, a lot of overcast days, but it was nice there still. Most of the snow had melted away, except on lower lands. On upper lands, it was mostly melted away so it was nice to see. At one point of the trails I needed to find an outhouse to go to the bathroom, and we went searching for one and found an old, abandoned outhouse, which was a bit funny. We then finally found another outhouse, a newer one so that was used. While we were in the area, we saw that the ramp that led to the outhouse had railings and Steve decided to plank on the railings of the ramp. It was a bit weird. *laughs* He then made me do it as well, and of course it’s harder for me to do – for one thing, I have a pacemaker in my chest, so leaning on it on the wood railings kind of hurt so I had to put my hands under my chest so to do the planking – just not like Steve’s! *laughs* It was a bit cheesy.

Hmm, what else? There’s not been very much going on lately for me. I’m still working – everyone’s trying to figure out what I can do, and how much work I actually do. I’m now starting to do design work for TVCOGECO, for promotional material, so it’s been interesting. I’m only allowed to work 30 hours a month for them, so it’s been pretty interesting seeing what I can do in the months that go on. It’s fun, and a bit different. I just work at home so it’s pretty good. I’ve only had to go in twice so far to gather information and meet with the guy that gives me more and more information to do. It’s been good. Otherwise I’m at home adding up my hours doing stuff I need to do. Different.

I really don’t have a lot to say so I’m just going to sign off. Heh.

Behind Every Great Man is a Woman Rolling Her Eyes ;)

Long time no talk…it’s been a while and I don’t know why.  Heh…I guess I’ve been pretty tired lately with all the commotion going on with the holidays and then finally slowing down.  But I have the tendency to find something else to think about and needing to do!  It’s nuts.  It’s been busy – with me starting work in the past couple of weeks with TVCOGECO…(That one I had known about for a while, just took a while for it to get started.)  I went to my mom’s one weekend while Steve had his 30-hour telethon then – I would have not seen him the entire weekend, so I decided to take up my mom on her offer for me to stay at her place for a couple days.  Steve and I had already talked about the start of January, that we couldn’t spend a lot of money, and we had to save up cash for a trip that we wanted to take over the summer – out west in Canada, along the Rockies and to B.C., and then down south along California to the Grand Canyon, then back home.  I’m not sure what can be accomplished though, we are trying to save up as much money as we can though.  It should be maybe a three week or so vacation so it should be nice – but all wait and see of course.  On how much we save up – neither of us are rich at all!  *laughs*  I think we will be camping the entire time, but I’m not too positive, it’s all wait and see of course.  Mostly a big driving trip, with lots of camping.  Should be interesting but let’s see what will happen.

So when I went to my mom’s, Steve dropped me off, on a Friday after work, and then my mom took me home on Sunday.  She was planning on taking me back on Saturday but because we were so busy back in Kingston, and my brother unexpectedly dropped by with Kelly and Zaiden, that my mom decided to opt out of driving me back on Saturday night, and took me home early Sunday afternoon.  It was a nice weekend, we went out Friday night for some shopping, and then rented a couple of movies, Looper and Ted – we had wanted to watch girly movies, but there were no new ones out, so that was unfortunate.  So we watched Ted, which was so obviously a guy movie, but very funny though, then Looper, which was a really cool movie… very different but cool.  Seeing my brother, Kelly and Zaiden was pretty good… every time I see Zaiden he looks so much bigger every time.  It’s a little funny actually.  It was good catching up with them, though my brother’s car was banged up just the other day and they had to repair it after the weekend.  I’m not sure if it got successfully repaired, but oh well, sure sucks for him!  Kelly was driving the car, when the other car was backing out of his driveway and he didn’t see Kelly and banged right in the back door of the car so it got banged up pretty good.  Oops, not much fun.  :/  Oh well, not much they can do about it, but to get it repaired and see how much it’d be that the guy is going to cover.  Good thing the baby wasn’t in the car – he was in the other car with Jase.

What else, the visit home was good, got to do a bit of shopping which I wasn’t allowed to do but it was good anyway, and got to get out of town, so that is always good.   I also started work soon after, started going in once a week to get training from the other producer at TVCOGECO – I had known for a while I was going to start working there, but it took a while for the other producer to get to me and tell me what I needed to do.  So it wasn’t much fun, but I now have some information in – I’m now going to be working on the Brockville and Smiths Falls website and updating it when needed.  So far it seems pretty simple, but I’m just starting.  It’s just a part time job doing the extra work that can be a bit much for the producers to be doing along with TV work such as websites, event and video updates, etcetera.  I don’t mind, it keeps me busy from time to time.

Oh, and I made an appointment to see an eye doctor – I wanted to get new contacts as my old ones were too old and couldn’t be worn anymore.  They were one-year wear contacts, and I had had them for two years!  I wasn’t wearing them much after my split with my ex-husband.  *laughs*  It was time for my two-year visit anyway, so I made an appointment to get my eyes checked.  Everything was good, only a little change in my eyes, and I didn’t need new glasses, so it was good.  When I asked about contacts, if they provided it like my old eye doctor in Kingston did, and they weren’t sure.  I was like, oh, jeez, really?  So they looked it up, and found one set that may have my strength made, so I had them order trial contacts, only good for a month.  I waited, and my mom tried to contact my old eye doctor to see what kind of contacts I had before and they gave a name and brand, so I called my eye doctor to let them know of the kind I used to have before.  The Brockville doctors told me that it wasn’t available anymore, so I was surprised, and my mom said that the eye doctor in Kingston had said the same.  So oops!  :/  So I had an appointment today to try the new contacts on, they were just trial ones, and see if I like it or not.  I tried it on, and it seemed fine, comfortable to wear, but once they checked how my vision was, I was shocked at how blurry one eye was compared to the other one!  I was so disappointed, as the eye doctor said that their max was what I was wearing, they didn’t have it any stronger.  Ugh, really?  So I have no idea what to do, so I was looking up online at different contacts when I got home to see what contacts are made in my prescription.  There’s hardly any!  There may be one with the same number, but not the astigmatism so I was like, you got to be joking!  So I really have no contacts available for me anymore…I’m so sad about that – because I really did see a lot better with my old contacts.  The company just got shut down, so they don’t make those contacts anymore.  They weren’t making contacts right so they were shut down.  But I was able to see!  *laughs*  Oh well…though I did find a site that had all different sizes so I may check it out and get feedback from them and see how it can all work out.  Just have to wait and see while I decide.  Oh well, it’s such a pain!

Oh yeah, I was noticing that my Alertmaster alarm clock was acting up most of January – there seemed to be a short in it, so it kept turning off and back on really quickly, and I would be able to tell because the clock would flash on and off.  The funny thing was I had back up batteries in it, so it shouldn’t be doing that.  Every time I walked by it, or if the cat would jump up on the bed and jumping off, it’d short out and lose electricity – which I totally don’t get.  I had batteries in it!  Sheesh.  So…it was annoying, and I figured that I may need to return it and maybe exchange it, or have it repaired.  So I called Canadian Hearing Society, where I had ordered it before just before I moved to Brockville, to see what they could do about it.  They asked me to bring it in, so I brought the alarm clock in and they said they’d try to repair it or see if it needed to be replaced, so that’s what I did.  I dropped it off in the end of January, and then got a loaner clock a few days later.  It was good enough for when I needed the alarm, but it doesn’t have the alert system that I have in the other two rooms – the living room and the computer room, that tells me when the phone rings, the door bell goes off, or the fire alarm goes off.  So yay me…it’s better than nothing for now, and if it takes too long to look into my clock I’d complain.  But I’m meeting with one woman from Canadian Hearing Society next week and going through what I need to do and stuff like that, and if I need to order an all new alarm clock, along with a new fire alarm alert box as mine doesn’t really work.  Oh well…all wait and see I guess.  It’s just annoying, that’s for sure.

Everything seems to be a pain these days, I have no idea why, but I’m just trying to get through everything right now. *laughs*  It’s funny because in the apartment there were a lot of things going wrong in the apartment.  For one, the shower was being so ridiculous, that it was spraying water out of the shower stall, on the floor and walls.  It was driving me crazy, and I only could have baths, not showers.  Sometimes I like showers because it’s quick when I need to get up and get ready then go somewhere.  I wasn’t able to do that for a year… sheesh.  And there was also the bedroom where the floor was extremely cold from the outdoors, the cold was coming through between the walls and the floor, at the seam where the wall and floor meets, there must be a gap, because the cold was coming right through and making it really cold going to bed. *laughs*  Oh well…and there was the hot water tank whose fuse kept blowing all the time, every time I used the hot water, it’d blow.  And then when a crack developed a month ago in the computer room in one corner of the wall, I begged Steve to tell the landlord about all the things that were going wrong.  He finally listed all the things that was wrong with the apartment and had the landlord and super come up to check all the things that were wrong.  The super fixed the shower, which is terrific for me… I had a shower and loved it.  Funny.  Then later the super fixed the hot water tank fuse – he checked the fuse and said that the fuse was too small for the hot water tank and put in a new one, a stronger one.  Every time Steve and I had a bath, it would blow. Every day we had to reset it.  Then the super said it was supposed to be a higher wattage, what was in there before was wrong. *laughs*  Figures!

I have no idea when they are going to fix the corner in the computer room – the landlord did say that my neighbor also had a crack in her corner, so that would probably have to be done soon – the crack seems to be getting worse and worse, so it’s not a good thing. :/  Same thing with the floor in the bedroom.  It’s crazy.  The landlord was saying it may have been affected by when they did construction down the street from us, may have rattled the apartment a bit and broke some parts, but she’s not too sure.  It’s pretty crazy though.  Ugh.  Oh well, one day all of that would be fixed, but at least the two things that I use regularly are now fixed, so yay… now I can enjoy having a nice bath or shower whenever needed.  Heh.

Oh, and I also started eating better – I’m now counting calories as I eat.  I started that a few weeks ago, and every time I weigh myself, every four days or so, I seem to have lost close to 2 pounds every time…I think I’ve been doing this for three or four weeks now…I feel better.  I don’t feel so bloated like I’ve been eating too much, I just feel lighter and healthier so it’s pretty good.  Yay…let’s see if I can keep it up.  I think I could, but there are some days where the temptation to eat junk such as chocolate and chips is pretty overwhelming, but I try to have fruits and veggies at home so that usually helps curb my sweet tooth. And if I have a craving for chocolate, I have one small square of dark chocolate (I usually get 50% cocoa) and it helps settle down my sweet tooth, and it’s better.  It’s a bit funny, not used to it but I actually feel better, so yay me.  I thought it’d be impossible, but it seems to be working…it’s slow, but it’s working.  At first when I reached my max, I wanted to eat more and more, so it was hard to control.  I try to have less junk at home that I crave, so it’s easier to keep myself balanced, so it’s good.  Once I get myself used to eating this way, I’ll try again with exercising again.  It’s really hard to exercise and watch my calories as exercising makes me pretty hungry.  Crazy!

Now, going to rest up for the night.  Ahh!

Just some ramblings on life